Diane Escalera






Passion Storm

Passion Storm is an amazing experience, an excellent contemporary romance and incredibly well done.

                            - Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind


This delightful tale captures the reader and leaves one with a contented sigh and a smile in the heart.
                            - InD'Tale Magazine

4 stars! Well-written and full of fun characters, this book is a tidal wave of zest and passion.

                            - Livin' la vida Latina

A flirty and passionate novel about two people who need each other without realizing it. Fans of Escalera's writing will find it full of adventure and humor, which will keep them wanting more.

                            - RT Book Reviews



Dangerous Desire

Amazing! Dangerous Desire is a witty romance with enough sizzle to need a fan at times. It is both heart-breaking and heart-warming for any animal lover.

                            - Sizzling Hot Book Reviews


What a fantastic book! The story is filled with twists that would keep anyone hanging on to each word. It is filled with love, hope, and suspense.
                            - Romance Writers Reviews

The story was a fabulous reading experience. Ms. Escalera's voice is thrilling and full of passion. Fast-paced and fluent, witty and moving, Dangerous Desire is sizzling hot from start to finish.

                            - Dream Mistress Reviews

Readers will be completely drawn to Cruz and Sienna. Escalera gives her hero and heroine great personalities -- both have eclectic interests and unique backgrounds that bring the story to life. Sprinkled throughout is some very clever banter, plenty of extremely hot love scenes and tons of comic relief from great secondary characters.

                            - RT Book Reviews

With a completely unprecedented mystery plot, sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine as well as chuckle out loud humor, Diane Escalera makes Dangerous Desire a thrilling (and very sexy) read. A nice unexpected surprise doesn't happen too often!
                 - Book Lovers, Inc. 


Dangerous Desire was a great read that got me all hot and bothered over Cruz and laughing out loud with Sienna and Tori. I loved the author's writing style and the humor was fantastic. If you're looking for an entertaining read, then this is it! Look no further.
                            - Under the Covers Book Reviews



Playing With Destiny


Escalera cooks up a smoking hot romance! She knows how to build and maintain scorching sexual tension between her characters without making it seem forced or fake.


                            - Adria's Romance Reviews


I always enjoy a Diane Escalera book and Playing With Destiny is no exception! Her sweet reads are incredibly well done and leave me sighing with pleasure by the last page. Playing With Destiny gives readers a sweet and spicy story filled to the brim with emotion.


                            - Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind 


A well-written, fast-paced, spicy romance! The sexual energy between the characters exploded from page one.


                            - Livin' la vida Latina


The role reversals in the characters made this a fun read. I'm looking forward to reading more from author Diane Escalera.


                            - The Kindle Book Review


The Passion between Christian and Destiny is intense. This Latin hunk is very good at saving the day.


                            - The Book Reading Gals 


Another fun and sexy read from Escalera. The chemistry was off the charts. This was such a great read. Christian and Destiny steamed up the pages. I loved it!


                            - Offbeat Vagabond



The Right Temptation

I love when I find a book that is so good I can't put it down. I was up until 2:00 am reading this story!

                            - Delighted Reader

Escalera gives yet another superb story. I just enjoy her writing style immensely. It draws you in and consumes you quickly. It's fluid and Escalera makes you care about the characters and feel the emotions that they do.

                            - Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind

Once again Diane Escalera delivers a heartwarming and sexy read. The Right Temptation is an abundance of smoldering romance, chemistry and one seriously hot hero!

                            - Lounging with Books

Escalera has a great voice for contemporary romance. It's fun and flirty, sweeping you up in a romance that is thrilling and passionate.

                            - Under the Covers Book Reviews

The Right Temptation is a hot little Latin read that will leave your Kindle smoking hours after you've finished it. Fast-paced, sexy and hot as hell!

                            - Riverina Romantics

Between the fantastic, hot story line and Diane's characters that have terrific chemistry, this novella will captivate you from the start.

                            - My Cozie Corner



Still Hot for You

Escalera's writing is smooth and addictive, her characters amiable, hot and sensual. I found it refreshing to read about two characters who were already in a romantic relationship. Shay and Dylan's journey to find their way back to one another is gripping, sensual and hot. Still Hot for You is an emotional, witty and sexy read. I loved it from start to finish!

                            - Dream Mistress Reviews

Ready for a novella that brings the sexy back to marriage? This story will seduce not only the senses with hot sex, but also another sort of intimacy in a marriage. Readers of contemporary romance will enjoy this story and be impressed by this author's work.

                            - Night Owl Reviews

Dylan and Shay are hot hot hot! Escalera does a great job of making the characters so human. Real problems, real solutions and all done with a lot of heart! Her sensual writing ability was showcased with this one, and she did a great job of combining sex with strong story arcs.

                            - Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind

Still Hot for You is a sweet and spicy look at a marriage in jeopardy and the lengths to which a woman will go to hold onto the man she loves. This is an engaging read that may have readers thinking about playing a little booty camp of their own.

                            - Romance Novel News

Still Hot for You is passionate and sizzling. An engaging, beautiful story of two people who get the lucky chance to fall in love twice.

                            - Under the Covers Book Reviews

As expected, Diane Escalera cranks up the heat and gives a story sizzling with seduction and chemistry between her characters. The intimate scenes between Shay and Dylan were combustive enough to put fire to the page.

                            - Book Lovers, Inc.